Custom Plaques & Awards

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Our mission is simple: To create elegant, stunning, one of a kind, hardwood and acrylic displays from your positive press. If you have been featured in a newspaper, magazine, business journal or certificate request a quote. We have the highest quality and the most affordable prices in the industry.

We offer Corporate multiple plaque discounts
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Laminated Plaques Offer Dozens of Profitable Applications

Businesses - News articles, awards, product photos, trade ads

Government - Awards, citations, recognition

Clubs, Civic Organizations - Service awards, membership certificates

Newspapers - News clippings, ad and photo reprints, wedding/engagement announcements

Magazine Publishers - Client ads, editorial and photo re-prints

Restaurants - Awards and reviews

Professionals - Diplomas, certificates, service awards

Associations - Membership certificates, achievement awards

Schools/Colleges/Universities - Diplomas, certificates, sports awards, photos, and clubs