Our Process
  • We use only original print, no copies
  • All articles are double matted in either Black & Gold or Black & Silver foil matting
  • All plaques are laid out to read left to right and top to bottom
  • All custom plates are personalized for the client
  • Every Plaque is heat sealed in an acrylic laminate to a high gloss finish
  • Every Plaque is finished with a 3/4" beveled edge with matching matted color
  • Every Plaque is guaranteed 100% to customers satisfaction

Background Colors

Beauty, Quality, and Permanence!
Select from these 8 distinctive colors and wood tones.

Surface Finish

Surface-finish options available: Gloss & Matte

Beveled Edge & Trim Colors

Select from three attractive colors.
Backs, Edges and Trims your article.


Nameplate Colors

Laser engraved nameplate. Black base with
Gold or Silver Lettering and Trim.